What is Wordpress Hosting & List of 5 Best Wordpress Hosting For Bloggers

What is WordPress Hosting & List of 5 Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

When I started blogging, nowhere I found such a helpful article. This article has especially has been designed for people who really want to start blogging but don’t have any idea about what is hosting and which companies offer wordpress hosting. If they provide, then is it safe or not? Nobody has an answer to this. But gone are those days, I have answers & solutions for it. Keep reading 🙂

To run your wordpress blog error free there are certain technical things you need to consider. I have shortlisted few important things every wordpress hosting service provider should offer.

List of factors to consider before choosing the ultimate wordpress hosting for bloggers

  • Like all website/blogs, wordpress also requires technical support. Common error such as 500 Internal server Error takes place – where your homepage turns blank or all some of your post gets deleted because of poor and Cheap wordpress hosting services.
  • Your hosting package should also include a cpanel, good bandwidth, latest php & MySql version.
  • Ever Since you are about to start your blog with traffic less than 15,000/day, I would recommend you to choose for shared wordpress hosting for your blog as you will not only save (more) money but also will be eligible to get unlimited resources for hosting which can meet all of your basic requirements of starting a wordpress blog.
  • Many companies claim that they offer unlimited resources but after buying we realise that they limit in terms of bandwidth, and also ask for additional cost for upgrade which I personally do not recommend (due to lack of knowledge and choosing a bad wordpress host I had to suffer. But don’t you worry. I won’t let this happen to you)

After my in-depth research for best wordpress hosting, I’ve shortlisted 5 wordpress hosting companies for bloggers to grow & earn money which I have personally use and have confidence that you won’t regret after buying. I have also tried to get few discount coupons wherein you will save (huge) money approximately 25-45% extra. Also remember to enjoy huge discounts, companies offer higher discounts on their yearly plans, so keep in mind to go for yearly hosting.

Here is the list of 5 best wordpress hosting for bloggers –

  1. Bluehost (recommended )
  2. Hostgator
  3. Siteground
  4. Dreamhost
  5. Flywheel

Out of all 5, I will recommend you to opt for Bluehost (know why). Then also, I will suggest you to personally visit each website and compare them. I am also coming up with a new article on wordpress hosting comparison. Stay tuned & Live free.

List of 5 Best Wordpress Hosting For Bloggers
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List of 5 Best Wordpress Hosting For Bloggers
Here I have not only explained what is wordpress hosting but also shared a list of 5 best wordpress hosting for bloggers. Don't believe, have a look yourself.
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