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Yes, you are at the right place. Even I was in same place when i started my blogging career in 2013. At that time I dint get any help in starting a blog. As I was not a web developer nor did I had any developer knowledge / experience, I took help from youtube and started building my blog on google blogspot platform. At that point of, I had got no help from anywhere, so  I ended crashing my blog many a times due to lack of knowledge. As years went by and many people started uploading know-how and how to types video on youtube, which had helped me solving many of my problems. 

So, in 2017, I decided to build a platform for people (or upcoming – bloggers) like me, so that you don’t face any trouble which I faced in starting a blog. I will be sharing my journey of experience on this blog with recommending which platforms to choose, how to write, tools & plugins to use to get things fast. Also there might be some affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. Stay Tuned  and don’t lose the TRUST within YOU. Start your Blog Now! Don’t Procrastinate.

How much money do bloggers make

Blogger can make a lot of money which ranges from $500 to $8000 per month. But only 5% people earn above $5000 every month.  

How bloggers Earn Money –

Blogger earn money from different sources like – Brand endorsements, brand collaboration, affiliate marketing, selling of ebooks/research, youtube advertisement, selling of web space through ad networks and few more. The best way to check how much money do bloggers make, is to search for the top blogger’s income report. There they not only mention how much money they own, but also mention from which sources they earned.

Here’s a perfect answer how a blogger earns/make money from his blog.

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How can you start a blog in 7 minutes

Starting a blog these days doesn’t take much time, can help you in making it in less than 7 minutes, yes I can help you in making it right away. You just need to follow my simple steps and your are good to have your blog ready in next 7 minutes, if not then I’ll personally help you in setting up your first blog for free. You might think Why would I offer this to you completely free of charge?

The answer is simple: when you sign up for web hosting through my recommended provider, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you.

For starting a blog you need 3 things – Hosting, Domain & theme. I’ve got everything for you.

Best Hostings + Domains for blogging

Hosting Space for bloggers

So what exactly is a hosting? This was the question which raised in my mind. I’m sure you feel the same. Don’t You ? To make it really easy to understand, Hosting is a place where your blog is running on. Still confused? I’ll make it more simple for you. You live in a house, Your house is your Blog. But where is your house? Your House is on a piece of land in your city, so that piece of land is known as hosting place for your blog.

what is hosting and domain

I hope this clears your doubt.

Now that you’ve understood this, it’s time for you to choose a hosting for your blog. To be honest, there are many hosting companies available like hostgator, bluehost, siteground, and get the list of the rest of them. Do go through this list before regretting your purchase.

To choose a right hosting for your blog is seriously the biggest task before starting a blog. I would like to recommend Bluehost as a host for your blog, as it is very easy to use & also you can also save a lot of money in your initial stage. You’ll get 50% off + a free domain for one year ( yes that’s true, we have got a deal for all the bloggers where you can click the link below and get this deal)

Domain Name for bloggers

Domain name is nothing but the name of your blog. For example – , etc are called domain names.

How much do they cost ? $15-$17 per year. (But you don’t have to worry, you can get it free with your bluehost hosting.)

How to setup wordpress blog

Firstly, log on to Click Get Started to buy a hosting for you wordpress blog.

Here you will find the plans which bluest offers. I would recommend you to start with the basic plan one for your first two years of your blogging career.

Once you’ve selected the plan, then you will land on a page where you have to choose a domain name for you blog. Not to forget, you’ll get this free if you buy from this link.

After choosing a blog domain name, you will land here. Here you need to sign up by filling all the mandatory information required.

Once you’ve filled the details, next step is to select the hosting package and there is also option to select the backup & security package. I have few tools/way wherein you wont require additional amount to be paid. Just select the package here & move ahead.

Finally, you are at the last stage where you just need to pay. and then check your mail box for confirmation of your login details.

Once that you’ve purchased the hosting, now your 70% work has being done. Now you just need to login to your account and simply install.

Click Install WordPress Button and simple follow the steps below.

Click Install.

Select the Domain. And keep the Directory empty/blank.

Add a title, username & password. And click install now. You’re done! Now you can open your domain name on your browser and have a look at your website. If you want to go to your admin panel type in your domain name and add – /wp-admin to your domain – example –

Top Blogging WordPress Themes

What’s next after installing wordpress? Now comes the designing role, how you want your blog to look like. Now a days there are millions of themes available across the internet. You can get free ones or if you need more options you can choose to buy from themeforest.

As I said earlier, I am here to make your blogging journey easy. I’ve made a blog wherein you can decide which theme will match your blog category.

So until now we came across how to start a blog, what is hosting & domain – Bluehost is the one which i will recommend. How to install wordpress & choose one of the best theme for your blog niche.

These days, there are millions of wordpress themes available for bloggers, but how should you shortlist the right one. To make that easy I have shortlisted 10 best wordpress themes for blog based on these features –  easy to install, mobile responsive, SEO optimised theme for your blog. Here are the top 10 blog theme which i have shortlisted for your wordpress Blog.

List of top 10 Theme for your Blog

  1. Decoblog
  2. Sun Masonry 
  3. Sweet Diamond
  4. Wild Book Vintage
  5. Paperio

Get more Interesting blog theme here.

Few essential Blogging Plugins

In simple term, Plugins are code made simple into application for your blog to get things done without knowing coding. For example adding a like box or a sharing panel on your blog can be a difficult task as you are not a developer. But with the help of plugins, you can quickly add stuffs you want. I have shortlisted few best free plugins that you will require to start your blog.

List of Free Plugins for your Blog

  1. SEO Yoast
  2. Jetpack
  3. All in one schemaorg rich snippets
  4. Sumo me
  5. Contact form 7
  6. Wp super cache
  7. Backup wordpress
  8. Wordfence
  9. Wp smushit 
  10. Visual composer page builder for wordpress

List of Top 10 bloggers

Freebies from my end to Upcoming Bloggers

Starting from launching your blog till getting your first 1000 visitors for your blog, I have made this freebies bundle for your blog which includes a blog theme, list of accounts you need to make for your new blog, important blogging tips, how to get 1000+ visitors on your blog organically and last but not least a blog content calendar & timing on when and where to post.

How to Start a Blog in 7 Simple Steps
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