Learn How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money from it

Learn How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money from it

Now we all can agree that inner beauty is true beauty, but that doesn’t mean we let ourselves go and roam around like disheveled, homeless organisms. If you are someone who believes in this logic and has a good eye for fashion trends and working knowledge about beauty products and/or wish to start your own Beauty Blog, then this article is for you. It will answer the following questions:

Why you should be starting a Beauty blog

  1. Well this is a pretty straightforward question? Is this something that interests you? Are you ready to work hard till you make it/ These are the questions that you need to ask yourself.
  2. Another plus is that being a Beauty blogger will give you a platform to voice your opinions, share your ideas, exhibit your work and connect with like minded people.
  3. You have a shot of making a name for yourself in the digital universe.
  4. Did I mention that this is a very lucrative venture when done right? Should have led with this. Yes, you can even make some money on the side.

What Things you require to be Beauty Blogger

  1. Beauty is makeup tutorials and home skin care remedies, it is product reviews, Beauty is also latest trends, Beauty is celebrity style and make up, beauty is also fashion week and glamour magazines. Beauty is all this and much more. It is a huge market. First step would be to pick what part of it you want to do? what are you good at?
  2. Next step will be to identify your target audience.
  3. Next build a strong foundation. Take up some beauty courses and make up lessons, work with some experienced beauticians from the industry. It is all about understanding the craft. Hone your skills.
  4. Learn about the latest trends in make up and skin care, the modern beauty treatments, keep a track of the beauty problems experienced by your target group.
  5. Conduct a market research about the different cosmetic companies, cosmetic products, prices, demographics and offers.
  6. Next you will need some equipment to record your opinions. That means you will need a good camera, lenses, tripod, cleaning gear, image and video editing software and so on.
  7. You will also need some help with what kind of images to use, how to edit videos and so on in order to execute your idea properly.
  8. The place where you either shoot your videos or take pictures needs to have good lighting.
  9. You will of course need your tools: make up kit, beauty products like liner, lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, mascara, primer, foundation, toner, cleanser, brushes, cotton, make up remover and so on.
  10. If you are reviewing beauty products then be honest. Do not try to be mean, sarcastic or scandalous on purpose. That does not draw in an audience.
  11. Your honest and unbiased review will draw in your readers. They will respect your opinion if you are true.
  12. If  your readers ask for any specific tips, tutorials or products then treat them as priority.

What are the problems faced by Beauty Bloggers and how to solve them?

  1. Make sure that the lighting is good, so that the pictures and videos are crisp and clear.
  2. You will need some monetary investment too, in order to get the shooting equipment and the make up kit and products.
  3. Try and get as many brands as possible. Review different kinds of products. This may require a lot of negotiating on your part.
  4. Save the bills. Your readers will want to know.
  5. You will need to dedicate a lot of time towards your blog. Remember it will not be successful the minute you launch it despite the best content. It will take time to flourish. You will require a lot of patience, time and energy.
  6. You need to network with people from the industry to be updated and at the top of your game.  This is very crucial.

List of Top 10 Beauty bloggers

How much money do Beauty bloggers make

A Beauty blogger can make around $450 to $7000 per month. But that does not mean that you will start making money as soon as  your blog is on air. You need to dedicate a lot of time, patience and dedication. An established Beauty blogger can earn around $9500 per month.

How Beauty bloggers Earn Money –

Since you came to know that how much money a Beauty blogger can make in month, the next question arising would be how to earn it? There are various ways through which Beauty bloggers can earn money such as: brand endorsements, affiliate marketing, selling of web space through ad networks, YouTube  advertising and few more. There’s one more way to to know that how much money a Beauty blogger make, you just need to search about the income report of top Beauty blogger wherein you will not only get information about how much money they own but also regarding how did they earned it.

Here’s a optimal answer how a Beauty blogger earns/make money from his blog.

**Coming Soon**

How can you start a Beauty blog in 7 minutes

Starting up a blog in today’s time is quite simple but if you are not aware of how to start a blog than you just need to follow certain steps provided by me and you will be able to start your own blog in next 7 minutes. If due to any reasons you are unable to create it I’ll personally help you in setting up your first blog and that to without any charges. To be frank, this is just because if you sign in for web hosting from my recommended provider I’ll receive commission for no extra cost to you.

For starting a Beauty blog you need 3 things – Hosting, Domain & Theme. I’ve got everything for you.

Best Hostings + Domains for Beauty blogging

Hosting Space for Beauty bloggers

Place on internet where your blog will be hosted is called Hosting space. Initially you should opt for shared hosting as it is not only cost- effective but also suitable & you can even invest properly in other equipments which are required to start a Beauty blog.

Now as you know that you need to opt for shared wordpress the next thing striking in your mind would be from where and which hosting to buy? So here’s the answer to your query, following are the list of few service providers  such as:  hostgator, bluehost, flywheel, siteground  and many more.  But if you ask me I’ll recommend you to choose – bluehost, as it is one one of the best hosting every blogger prefer as well as it has a unique feature of one click installation of wordpress blog. This is a major reason why I recommend it to you as you don’t require developer skills to install it.

Domain Name for Beauty bloggers

Domain name is a name/ address of your blog. for example – thevegfood.com is a domain name. Where should you buy domain name for your Beauty blog? You don’t need to think about this, as when you choose to buy hosting space from bluehost, you get it free along with it.

How to setup wordpress blog

Firstly, log on to bluehost.com. Click Get Started to buy a hosting for you wordpress blog.

Here you will find the plans which bluehost offers. I would recommend you to start with the basic plan one for your first two years of your blogging career.

Once you’ve selected the plan, then you will land on a page where you have to choose a domain name for you blog. Not to forget, you’ll get this free if you buy from this link.

After choosing a blog domain name, you will land here. Here you need to sign up by filling all the mandatory information required.

Once you’ve filled the details, next step is to select the hosting package and there is also option to select the backup & security package. I have few tools/way wherein you wont require additional amount to be paid. Just select the package here & move ahead.

Finally, you are at the last stage where you just need to pay. and then check your mail box for confirmation of your login details.

Once that you’ve purchased the hosting, now your 70% work has been done. Now you just need to login to your account and simply install.

Click Install WordPress Button and simply follow the steps below.

Click Install.

Select the Domain. And keep the Directory empty/blank.

Add a title, username & password. And click install now. You’re done! Now you can open your domain name on your browser and have a look at your website. If you want to go to your admin panel type in your domain name and add – /wp-admin to your domain – example – mydomain.com/wp-admin

Top Beauty Blogging WordPress Themes

These days, there are millions of wordpress themes available for bloggers, but how should you shortlist the right one. To make that easy I have shortlisted 10 best wordpress themes for Beauty blog based on these features –  easy to install, mobile responsive, SEO optimised theme for your blog. Here are the top 10 Beauty blog theme which I have shortlisted for your wordpress Beauty Blog.

List of top 10 Theme for your Food Review Blog

Get more Interesting Beauty blog theme here.

Few essential Beauty Blogging Plugins

In simple term, Plugins are code made simple into application for your Beauty blog to get things done without knowing coding. For example adding a like box or a sharing panel on your blog can be a difficult task as you are not a developer. But with the help of plugins, you can quickly add stuffs you want. I have shortlisted few best free plugins that you will require to start your Beauty blog.

List of Free Plugins for your Food Review Blog

  1. SEO Yoast
  2. Jetpack
  3. All in one schemaorg rich snippets
  4. Sumo me
  5. Contact form 7
  6. Wp super cache
  7. Backup wordpress
  8. Wordfence
  9. Wp smushit 
  10. Visual composer page builder for wordpress

Freebies from my end to Upcoming Beauty Bloggers

Starting from launching your Beauty blog till getting your first 1000 visitors for your Beauty blog, I have made this freebies bundle for your blog which includes a Beauty blog theme, list of accounts you need to make for your new blog, important Beauty blogging tips, how to get 1000+ visitors on your blog organically and last but not least a Beauty blog content calendar & timing on when and where to post.

Learn How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money from it
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Learn How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money from it
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