How to make 1.2 million a year without spending a dollar on ads it really possible?

Yes, it is possible. I make 1.2 million every year since Jan 2016 through blogging.

I still can't believe that you make a million every year from BLOGGING, I want to know more about this...

Well, I started my journey of blogging in July 2014, being a non-developer without having any IT knowledge/experience was the very first obstacle which I had to face before starting a blog.

Initial few months were very tough, but as and when time passed my blog started paying me money online through google ads which I placed on my site. It took me 4 months to earn my first 100 dollars(this was one of the best feeling – earning your first 100 Dollar).

After which I became more confident and decided to build my career in blogging and never stopped thereafter.

Which problems you faced throughout the Blogging journey?

There were 2 major problems which stood as a barrier for me –

1. Time Constraint – Being a fulltime employee , I hardly used to get 6 hours/week to work on my blog. Only I know how I used to manage my time for my blog. (Those memories are still in front of me, cannot forget them). As my blog started growing, it became more difficult for me to manage my full-time job & my blog. I took a bold move & quitted my job & decided to dedicate full time for blogging (the second best decision I’ve made till date).

2. Technical Aspect – The other problem which I had to face was to start my blog & design it.
(as I mentioned I was not a web developer).

At that point of, I got no help from anywhere so I ended crashing my blog many a times due to lack of IT Skills & knowledge. Thanks to the site backup from bluehost, which helped me to survive. There were very few people who use to upload know-how and how to types video on YouTube, which also helped me in solving few of my problems.

So Viveq, why did you start Tips2blog?

I realized that somebody has to take charge and help (& encourage) people like me to take a step ahead and build their own career online with their hidden talent.

So, in Jan 2016 when my blog revenue crossed a million ( yes a million), I decided to build a platform for passionate people (or upcoming – bloggers) like me, so that they don’t face any trouble which I faced in starting a blog for FREE! 

You won't believe me -
I've already helped 1769 people to start a blog and make money online.

I want to start a blog, but don't know what should I start with...

This is very simple but a very tough choice if you are multi talented. Ask yourself , which are the 3 things that you are best at?

Have you got the best sense of humor or got elegant dressing sense or may be you have the magic in your hands when it comes to cooking or may be your wanderlust nature that might inspire someone.

Basically a blog is the best platform where you can share your ideas & expertise with the world and also earn money straight from the blog.

I’ve made a simple step by step guide for you to start your blog. It will just takes 10 minutes to launch it (yes, only 10).

Yes, I forgot to mention, this guide is absolutely free. If you need any help contact me anytime, I am here to help you. Scroll below to get started to blogging.

A Step-By-Step Beginners Guide For Starting A Blog

I’ve made a very simple guide for you that will help to launch your blog easily. In this guide you will get everything in form of step-by-step images so you can start your blog right now in just 10 minutes. Unbelievable? but thats true.

If in case you fail to make it, just contact me. Ill get it done for (free) you. Don’t hesitate to contact me for help.

Things you require to Start a blog in just 10 minutes

1. Platform

When you start a blog, there are various platforms to choose from, but the one I prefer and are the most convenient is WordPress. WordPress is Free, user friendly and simple enough for first timers. WordPress also has more than 5000 themes to choose from, they have a helpful support forum and it offers more than 40,000 free plugins to help you run the blog efficiently and smoothly.

2. Domain name

Choosing a domain name was a toughest task for me as a domain name creates your first impression on website visitors. It affects your rankings in search engines and defines your blog. So, give a thought to your domain name, but don’t rack your brains over it. Just make sure it is easy, attractive and memorable.

3. Hosting

Hosting is the service that manages and keeps your blog accessible for everyone. It stores all your blog content and displays it to the visitors. Choosing your host is one of the most important steps of creating your blog. Don’t choose bad or cheap hosts just to save some money. It doesn’t work out.

I highly recommend using as your host, and it’s the hosting company I currently use.

Follow this step-by-step guide for starting a blog (with Screenshots)

1. Sign up with a web hosting – Bluehost

2. Choose the hosting plan (you can pick the cheapest one).

3. Pick a domain name for your blog.

4. Complete hosting registration.

5. Install WordPress.

6. Log in and write a blog post.

All this takes hardly 10 minutes. Then you can start with your first post.

1. Sign up with a web hosting (I recommend Bluehost)

Go to and click on the “Get started now” button. As we have many like minded readers looking for starting a blog, we have negotiated & bagged a Special discount link for all our readers. Discount link with promocode included –

Disclosure: Because I’ve used Bluehost and found their hosting great, all links to Bluehost are referral links. I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This is how I keep up and running.

2. Choose the hosting plan (you can pick the basic plan)

There are three hosting packages to choose from: Basic (recommended), Plus, and Prime.
The Basic option is perfect for beginners and is affordable; hence, you save some cash for yourself.

3. Choose the domain name you want (if you click bluehost link on from our site they’ll give it to you for FREE).

Next, you’ll need to choose a domain name. Always prefer to choose a domain with .com. It .com isn’t available so you have various options to choose from (such as: .net, .org, etc.)

If you already have a domain name (if you’ve bought it from somewhere else), select the second form on the right (“I have a domain name”).

4. Complete your registration

There are three parts to this page. The first is account information. Just enter your contact information.

The next part gives you some service options.

Then you need to choose the account plan. Within the Basic option, you can choose to sign up for 12, 24, or 36 months. I’d recommend you to start off with 12 months.

Next, you’ll have to choose some add-on options. Consider the following two:Next, you’ll have to choose some add-on options. Consider the following two:

a. Domain privacy – when you register your domain, all your information is added to a public database. If you want privacy then can tick this option, and BlueHost will appear as the registrant (you will still have full control and ownership of the domain). So, this option protects you from spammers. If you are okay with your information being public, deselect that option and you’ll save $0.99/Mo.

b. Site Backup Pro – While WordPress is quite secure, it’s preferable to sign up for Site Backup Pro just in case. If you are worried that you’ll mess something up, tick that box to have backups available.The last part is just your billing info. Choose whatever option suits you.

5. Install WordPress with One-Click Installation

Set up your hosting with Bluehost-

Now install WordPress, with the help of Bluehost’s one-click WordPress install, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Follow this guide to install:

1) Login to your Bluehost at:

2) Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected to your Control Panel. From there, select “Install WordPress”.

3) This takes you to the next page where you can choose your blog destination URL. If you need more help installing WordPress on Bluehost, I’ve explained it here (in step-by-step format): How to Install WordPress Blog on Bluehost.

6. Log into your new blog

At this step, you should have a blank WordPress site installed, along with your admin access username and password written down.

Start by typing in your new web address ( to see what your WordPress blog looks like. Here’s what you should see:

Now, log in to your admin panel by going to an address like: (You’ll use the same username and password you chose earlier during the setup.)

After logging in, you should see the welcome page of the admin panel.